About Us

Travis&RamonaGuerrilla Graphix is a family-owned, employee-profit-sharing enterprise based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We specialize in political, humorous and original-art graphics and messages printed on T-shirts, stickers, postcards and art prints.  At our “brick ‘n’ mortar” outlets we also offer our designs on coffee mugs, badges, messenger bags and magnets.  Our Wholesale Department distributes our product line to more than 60 retail shops in New Mexico, California and Washington State.

All Guerrilla Graphix T-shirts are individually silk screened at our Albuquerque screen printing facility—one color at a time.  Our slightly fitted unisex T-shirts are made from lightweight, 100% ringspun cotton and are very soft to the touch.

Unlike most of our competitors who purchase their stock from major distributors, we design and print/publish our own products and pass the savings on to our retail and wholesale customers.

All of our products are guaranteed to please or your money back!

Thanks for visiting the Guerrilla Graphix website.  If you have suggestions, questions or comments, we’d like to hear from you.  Just use our contact page to submit an email, and you’ll see our phone number and mailing address there as well!

The music you are hearing is our new in-store radio station, Rebel Spinner – the best music you’ve never heard. We’ve still got some programming to do, but if you would like to add our music to YOUR website or just find out how to set your life to better background music, send us a note.